Warriors: Yellowfang’s Secret, by Erin Hunter

5 stars

Yellowfang is the main character of the story. In the beginning, her name is Yellowkit, and growing up with her siblings during Kithood, playing pretend that they were warriors defending their camp. Yellowkit and her siblings all wanted to become warriors, escpecially Yellowkit. In the story, it shows how Yellowkit, after finishing her apprenticeship when she is a warrior, she continues to feel pain like when she was a kit. Yet this isn’t her own pain, it is others. For Yellowfang has a strange gift that reveals other cats’ pain, it is felt on herself as well. Sagewisker, their medicine cat, makes the gift and knew that Yellowfang must become a medicine cat. But Yellowfang didn’t want to lose herself at being a warrior or her love for Raggedpelt. Raggedplet was her love interest in the story, Soon, when Yellowfang as a medicine cat, she decided that she would go against the rules and still be Raggedpelt’s mate in secret. Yet, as if it were punishment Yellowfang found out she would be having kits.

Kayla Bruno, Grade 7