This is What I Did by Ann Dee Ellis

3 Stars

A great book for those who don’t like reading. Short sentences and even shorter chapters.
What did Logan see and what did he do? Or, what didn’t he do? What would you do if you witnessed your best friend suffering a horrible act? Logan does nothing. Whether he’s in shock, or simply can’t think of anything to do, he does nothing to help his friend, Zyler.

After the incident, Zyler is taken away and Logan’s family moves cross-town so he can start over. However, the story has found it’s way to his new school and he is instantly ostracized, never getting a fair chance.Logan hasn’t discussed the awful night with anybody and except for Laurel, who’s a little strange herself, he feels alone whether at school or at home. Logan’s mom brings him to see Dr. Benson, but still Logan is quiet. It takes a long time for Logan to open up and tell his story. And guess what? All the adults were right. Talking about it does help.

It takes a while for the reader to figure out what happened., as the narrator (Logan) is so quiet. But, it’s an easy read, great if you’re a reluctant reader, and it’s interesting to know what Logan does at the end of the story.