The Unspoken by Thomas Fahy

3 Stars

Five years ago, 11-year old Allison and five friends burned Jacob Crawley’s cult compound to the ground in order to escape his tyranny and abuse. Now, Allison returns to Meridian, North Carolina for the funeral of one of the six who died in a supposed drowning accident.

Problem is, Harold’s body was found 30 miles away from any body of water. And now, one by one, Allison’s friends are being gruesomely murdered and mutilated and it is up to Allison to find out who is behind the killings. Or, is Jacob’s prophecy coming true from five years ago; that each teen would die of their worst fear in five years?

This is a fabulous read if you like thrillers and gore. Similar to Friday the 13th movies, this book involves a camp (compound), friends disappearing one by one, and a psychopath on the loose killing in the most demonic fashion.