The Second Virginity of Suzy Green by Sara Hantz

4 Stars

Suzy used to be a quick-witted, wiseguy, almost-Goth, party girl. Then her perfect sister died. When the family moves to a new town to start over, Suzy decides that she too, will do a makeover. She studies hard and gets straight A’s. She hangs with the cool kids at school. She never gets in trouble. None of her new friends drink or do drugs. And, they all belong to a virginity club! Suzy’s best friend from home Maddie, gets a kick out of this knowing that Suzy is not qualified to join the club. But, counters Suzy, noone in her new town knows this. Especially not Guy, her new crush! So, what will happen when Suzy’s ex appears on the scene? Will he spill the beans to all her new friends or keep her secret?

Definite chick-lit. Suzy is a very likable character doing as well as she can after the devastating loss of her older sister. A nice read for a rainy Saturday or a plane ride across the country at 258 pages.