The Opposite of Invisible by Liz Gallagher

4 Stars

The Opposite of Invisible stars Alice, who lives in the background of her school with her best friend Jewel (Julian), who she’s known since they were toddlers. They spend all their time together, sharing their sense of humor and jokes against the school’s in-crowd. Both are content being invisible to their classmates until Simon, of the football in-crowd begins noticing Alice.

Alice and Jewel plan on attending the Bloodbath (Hallowe’en dance) as a joke, but when Simon asks Alice to be his date, it’s no longer a joke. Simon is so hot. And really nice; not like his jock friends. But, what’s with Jewel? Since when is he so proprietary?

Besides dating Simon, Alice is also making new friends. One of them is even a cheerleader! Who’d have thought cheerleaders were real people too? Alice is no longer invisible. She is trying new clothes, letting her hair down (literally), and making new friends. Where does this leave Jewel, who now seems to be dating Vanessa?

Alice has to choose between her best friend and her boyfriend; her former life and her new life. Will Jewel be by her side for whatever she decides?