The Book of Joby by Mark J Ferrari

4 Stars

This book came out in 2007, but I just finally got around to reading it. This is the ultimate good vs. evil story. God against Lucifer, once and for all. Lucifer has made a deal with God. All creation hangs on the outcome of 9-year old Joby’s life. By the time Joby is 40-years old, the decision will be made.

Both God and Lucifer enter Joby’s brain while he sleeps, planting their seeds of faith and love or rage and hopelessness. Angels cannot intervene on God’s behalf and even God is not allowed to help during this 30-year war over Joby’s soul.

Joby is harrassed by unknown demons throughout his life, rendering him hopeless and helpless. Why is his life so wrong? How come everything and everyone he touches gets hurt or dies? Joby drops out of college and leaves his family and friends. He finally makes a new friend, only to have him die in Joby’s arms. Joby runs away again to a quiet, seaside village that he remembers from his youth. But, things are different here. Everyone is kind and peaceful. Students call teachers by their first names. Joby swears he saw a boy swimming like a dolphin, staying underwater for minutes at a time. No one gets sick. No one is ever injured. It’s like there’s an invisible protection around the entire village. Or is there? And how does Merlin and Arthur and the knights of the Roundtable all fit in? They were just dreams Joby had as a child, weren’t they?

This book is the length one of the early Harry Potter books (600 pages), though it doesn’t read quite as quickly. If you’re not a reader, you might want to skip this one. But, if you are a reader, and you like a little science/fantasy in your fiction, give it a try. This could become a classic!