Slam by Nick Hornby

Sam is an almost-16-year old skater with his life “ticking along quite nicely” until his mom brings him to a coworker’s party where he meets 15-year old Alicia. They begin seeing each other, spending every possible minute together when they’re not in school (they go to different schools). Then Alicia gets pregnant and says she’s keeping the baby.

In the nine months that follow, Sam looks to pro skateboarder Tony Hawk for advice. Sam has a Tony Hawk poster on the wall in his room, which is where he talks to Tony; and where Tony talks back. Tony also whizzes Sam into the future so he can see how his life changes. Does he like the changes? Does the pregnancy ruin his future or just change it? And why would he have ever named his child Roof?

Sam is an ordinary teenager, speaking ordinary teenage language (albeit, with a few British words). He’s telling his story two years later, when he’s 18 years old, tired, but doing what needs to be done.