Peeled by Joan Bauer

4 Stars

Banesville, NY is home to the Apple Blossom Queen and all things apple. Join journalist Hildy Biddle and her friends from The Core school newspaper, as they investigate the biggest story to hit their small town in at least five years. The apparent appearance of a ghost in the abandoned Ludlow house, which some think is haunted, and subsequent dead body on the property, leads Hildy and her friends on a quest for the truth.

As Hildy investigates, she finds something much more sinister than a harmless ghost going on. Big money is trying to take over the apple orchards and oust people from their homes and livelihoods. It is not another mall being planned, but an amusement park, using the Ludlow house as it’s main horror attraction.

Will Hildy find out who is behind the ghostly antics before her neighbors lose their farms? Will her underground paper even be read? Will the truth ever be learned?

A fun story of just over 200 pages with likeable characters and a touch of romance.