Leftovers by Laura Weiss

3 Stars

Blair and Ardith are 14-year-old best friends. Neither has a happy home life, but they have each other to confide in. Blair’s parents are pretty much absent in her life. She is left alone except when her mother is practically pimping Blair out to all her perfect-society upper-echelon friend’s sons in the hopes of climbing the corporate ladder and becoming a judge. Ardith is never alone, as her home is the party house of the block. Both her parents and older brother are alcoholics. Every night is a party with Ardith’s brother’s friends staying the night, having sex in the pool, and pawing her every chance they get. She must hide in her room behind a locked door when she’s home. Her parents don’t care, noting that “boys will be boys”.

How far do these girls have to be pushed before finally striking back? And when they strike back, are the repercussions worth their manipulative ways? Do the ends justify the means? Do they really win in the end?

This story is told alternately by Ardith and Blair. However, it is not until late in the story that you find out to whom they’re telling their story. Should this person spill the beans or keep their secret? Would anything good come of telling their story to the police or should they all remain silent?