Reference USA

Reference USA provides access to 10 different research modules which include, the U.S. Business Module, U.S. Residential Module, U.S. Lifestyles Module, Health Care Module, U.S. New Businesses Module, U.S. New Homeowners Module, U.S. New Movers Module, UK Businesses Module and Canadian Business and Residential Modules.

U.S. Business Module

The U.S. Business Module contains information on over 14 million businesses. In addition to the basic business name and address, the database provides information on geo-codes for mapping, fax and toll free numbers, website addresses, franchise and brand information, and more.

U.S. Residential Module

The U.S. Residential Module contains information for approximately 110 million households compiled from more than 5200 White Pages directories.

U.S. Lifestyles Module

The U.S. Lifestyles Module has information on roughly 111 million residents. It is divided into 19 major categories with 96 total elements, a few of which include cooking, magazine subscribers, hunting, fishing and fitness.

Health Care Module

The Health Care Module contains listings for over 790,000 doctors and 181,000 dentists in the United States. Additional information such as area of specialization, board certification, medical school attended is also available.

U.S. New Business Module

The U.S. New Business Module includes businesses that are just starting out and are updated on a weekly basis.

U.S. New Homeowners Module

The U.S. New Homeowners Module provides information on more than 2.7 million new homeowners.

U.S. New Movers Module

The U.S. New Movers Module contains information on over 13.8 individuals who have moved in the last year.

New Employers USA

The New Employers USA contains every U.S. employer, large or small.

There is also access to Canadian businesses and Canadian resident information through the Canadian Businesses Module and the Canadian Residential Module.

We provide two ways to access ReferenceUSA